You are the Best Consultant for Yourself

Beware of low skill consultants

Anyone can start a consultancy business today. But you shouldn’t contact a consultant. The reason is that if you are not willing to put effort into your career, why would they? If you need something desperately, for them it would just be a normal client application.

Just few months ago I was super busy and had to go to a consultant for family visa purpose. Given that I had collected all the documents, he just had to submit them at the right place and that was pretty much it. Just before the last date of visa submission I asked the agent to provide me the credentials so that I can check if everythig is okay. To my surprise, there were some major blunders which were so obvious that even with a person with common sense won’t do that. I fixed it though, and promised myself not to consult an agent again. Just to make it clear, the agent here was extremely experienced.

The one who was at fault here was me, not the agent. If I was not willing to put effort into my application why would someone else do? Especially, someone who process multiple applications of different people in a single day.

The thing we need to understand is that we ourselves are the only one who know about the best opportunities out there in our field. An agent’s knowledge is quite general. Plus, most of them are Matric or hardly BA pass, which means they are just going to give you wild guesses from their prior experience.

Always remember, each university has different requirements for each department. Also, these requirements change every year and the visa process and requirements change frequently as well. In big foreign universities, each department fucntions as a seperate university. Each department has its own deadline, own requirements, and own admission process. Its humanly impossible for a single human being a.k.a agent to keep track of all the information for all the fields out there.

The only person who can search the best option for yourself is not me, not any other random guy who is doing masters or Ph.D abroad, not an agent, but YOU and YOURSELF alone!

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