Knowledge about PhD Admissions

Don't Confuse the Professor

Common mistakes that people do while contacting a professor

I feel like a lot of people misunderstood my previous post about searching for a Ph.D. scholarship in Canada. The purpose of contacting a supervisor is to ask them to supervise your Ph.D. thesis. When someone asks a professor for a Ph.D admission instead of supervision it not just confuses the professor but also their response is generic i.e. Apply directly to the university. If you asked a professor for admission and they advised you to apply directly to the department that doesn’t mean in any sense that the professor is willing to support your application.

How to Write an Email to a Professor? - PhD

Structure of a perfect email

A lot of people ping professors but never hear back. First I will mention some important steps and then the structure of a perfect email that you can write to a professor. First of all, read the requirements of admission at the department’s website. Remember that unlike Pakistan, each department of a university has their own requirements. If the requirements are clear then proceed to Go to professors personal website and search for the section of future students, prospective student or any such kind of thing.

Fully Funded PhD admission process in North America i.e. (US/Canada)

Simple Steps for a newbie who is looking for an admission

Step by Step guide towards your PhD Admission I have prepared this guide for those who are interested to pursue a fully-funded Ph.D in Canada after their Masters. It’s a six step process:- 1. Select universities 2. Find the right faculty 3. Contact professor 4. Appear for interview 5. Apply for university 6. Apply for study permit Select Universities: You are supposed to select 10 universities to narrow down your scope and attention.