Random Motivation

It's time to get up!

Never settle down for less proficiency. Always push for a change. Push the limits of your comfort. Try to be better everyday. Strive for more skills, more power, more passion. Never be contempt with your skills and expertise. A person who is stuck in a loop - takes a lunch box everyday to his workplace, comes back and be comfortable have zero effects on society. Become skillful and active enough to teach your children, brilliant enough to change the nation, wise enough to absorb the positivity.

You are the Best Consultant for Yourself

Beware of low skill consultants

Anyone can start a consultancy business today. But you shouldn’t contact a consultant. The reason is that if you are not willing to put effort into your career, why would they? If you need something desperately, for them it would just be a normal client application. Just few months ago I was super busy and had to go to a consultant for family visa purpose. Given that I had collected all the documents, he just had to submit them at the right place and that was pretty much it.

Get Over Procrastination

It's time to leave your imaginary world and do something.

Good news for lazy people to avoid scams and agent fees. Tremendous amount of people out there have zero motivation to put an effort yet they need a scholarship. The good news is that now there is a solution to this. Now you can get fully funded masters in Canada, Germany and US within 2 months for just 3 Lac Pakistani rupees (all visa and tickets inclusive). The key point here is that you need to pay these 3 lac rupees to none other than yourself.