Apply for PR instead of Study Permit in Canada

PR has more worth than Study Permit if you have experience

Canada is accepting more than ever! “This is even for my friends already studying in Europe, East Asia, Australia, and United States” After securing admission, or even before that, apply for Canadian PR instead of Study Permit if you’re under 31. Advantages: You just have to secure admission in any university and then you can come without visa. Your tuition fees will be half as compared to study visa holder.

Fully Funded PhD admission process in North America i.e. (US/Canada)

Simple Steps for a newbie who is looking for an admission

Step by Step guide towards your PhD Admission I have prepared this guide for those who are interested to pursue a fully-funded Ph.D in Canada after their Masters. It’s a six step process:- 1. Select universities 2. Find the right faculty 3. Contact professor 4. Appear for interview 5. Apply for university 6. Apply for study permit Select Universities: You are supposed to select 10 universities to narrow down your scope and attention.