Random Motivation

It's time to get up!

Never settle down for less proficiency. Always push for a change. Push the limits of your comfort. Try to be better everyday. Strive for more skills, more power, more passion. Never be contempt with your skills and expertise.

A person who is stuck in a loop - takes a lunch box everyday to his workplace, comes back and be comfortable have zero effects on society. Become skillful and active enough to teach your children, brilliant enough to change the nation, wise enough to absorb the positivity.

Keep moving forward, be a skillful person for yourself, your family and the society.

A 9-5 person having no passion to learn new skills, seek knowledge and make this world a better living place is no good. Be a speaker, a writer, a motivator, not a procrastinator.

Never be contempt with what you have in terms of profession and knowledge. The more you need the more you’ll get. Be a thirsty soul. Aim for excellence. Climb for perfection. Discover your limits. Search for better opportunities. Struggle. Continuously!

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